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Wanting to shut brain off = bad idea

My top 25 list for the year is finally starting to come along so it'll be up within a couple of weeks, possibly days. Now, since I've been trying to catch up on all the greats of the year, it can be tiring since most of those are serious dramas. So in order to counter that I've interspersed some 'no brain' movies.

First up was Sorority Row. Yes, that dumb movie about a Sorority house getting stalked by a deranged killer with a hint of I Know What You Did Last Summer thrown in for good measure. My main reason for watching this was mainly just in order to see hot girls die in entertaining ways. I'm a horror movie fan so it seems like it should be at least fun in that regard. Boy was I wrong. The kills weren't good, the story was dumber than most and I couldn't believe how bad the acting was at times. It's always a bad sign when a bunch of girls try to fake a death for a "prank."

The girls were hot (could have used some more Audrina Partridge though) but the kills were so dumb I just couldn't get into it. They also made one huge mistake by making the least likable girl the heroine. Hell, even "the Bitch" of the Sorority was more likable than her. I just hoped she would die the entire time. But alas, that did not happen. Also, this film has to have the most random "Twist Ending" I've ever seen. Comes completely out of left field and makes very little sense. It seems like most of the screenplay was written and they went "Okay it can't be her, or her or him. So let's make it this guy that's been in two pages." Just plain lazy writing. Thankfully this film didn't do good in theaters so there's shouldn't be any sequels.

Next up was one godawful film. Just plain terrible. I don't think I can warn you enough as to how terrible this film is. And when you look at it you think "Oh this should be fun. It looks to be a fun party movie." That could not be further from the truth. This is truly a shit fest. And this abomination goes by the name of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.

Funny title eh? Yeah you're right, it's not. But the complete douchebag who wrote it thought it was so it's no surprise he's just as idiotic as his title. Let me say this, if you ever have a chance to meet Tucker Max (the film's writer and main character of the story) then please punch him in the face. He deserves it. Never has there been such an asshole to grace this planet. By the end of the film, I just wanted to go beat the shit out of this idiot. Move aside dumbass from Narnia, this is now the most hated movie character I know.

Now there aren't many movies I would say this about but if you like this film you are an idiot. It's plain and simple. There's no way to get around it. You have a terrible sense of humor and need to take a hammer to the head. If this film is "relatable" to you then there's no hope for you. You're about as lost as the lead. How someone can go through all of this and not learn his lesson is beyond me. Stupid film. I hated this piece of garbage and don't feel like writing anymore on it.

Fuck Tucker Max.

And so I'm back...

Wow. My first post in 2.5 years. I had actually created this in order to put my reviews up online. Made it somewhat enjoyable. But then I forgot about it. Completely forgot actually. I had moved onto other things and didn't care for it. Then I decided I wanted to get a blog in order to put my thoughts out there, whether it be movies, music, television, video games or just my random thoughts. So I of course came here. And for some reason, when I tried to register it said I had already registered. That didn't exactly make any sense so I looked it up and low and behold there it was. The blog I had created over two years prior. Then I found the two reviews (and my only posts): Grindhouse and Spiderman 3. They weren't too bad either. So that made me all the more excited.

My plan has been to start this revival up with a bang and do my top films of the year. However, there's been a bit of a problem with that. I can't seem to make the list. It's more difficult than I could have imagined. This year was too great for movies. My entire top ten consists of 9's and 10's (out of 10). Some even roll over into 11-20. So how could I make a top ten list when it wouldn't be representative of the films I loved during 2009. So I settled on a Top 25 list. It's still been rather difficult to put them in a desirable order. I just love the films so equally that it's difficult to discern an exact order. But I've been doing my best.

Another problem with my list is that I want to see as many of what people consider to be the "best movies of the year" so that my list can be as close to complete as possible. So I still have some more to go (such as Precious, Brothers, The Road). Even now I am watching The Men Who Stare At Goats. And this film further solidifies my theory that this may be the best year for movies in years upon years. I can definitely call it the best year of the decade, but I may go even further than that. That's how great this year has been.

So hopefully I can get through the remaining films by this weekend so that I'll have a strong opinion on all of the nominees and whoever wins. Hell, why else would I watch a film like Precious?

One thing I'm also looking to do is a list of my own little awards type thing only with out the award or even a winner. Just some nominees for whoever I feel like gave the best performances, had the best cinematography, etc. So I'll probably put those up as well. Well, my food is about here so I'll wrap this up. Hopefully I can keep up with this and continue writing since I don't really have much of an outlet otherwise.

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