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Here's a collection of the video's I've done over the years. They range from class projects to things I did in high school to my current work with UNC Bear Vision. I think you can see some kind of growth throughout but that'd be for you to judge. I also have videos over at Wolf in a Gorilla Suit, where I worked as their video editor for nearly a year, so every video on that Youtube page is done by yours truly. Speaking of Youtube, I also have my own channel, where I've uploaded a video every Friday since October 2018. 

Tyler Nichols' Reel

Here is a quick playlist highlighting various works of mine. Some of these are doubled up below, so just scroll down if you want a little info on those titles.

Coldwater Gymnastics Highlight Reel (2019)

This was a highlight video I edited using footage shot by the gymnastics team during their 2018-2019 season. All of this was filmed on an iPad so the quality isn't great, but I'm still very proud of the end result.

UNC Bear Vision (2017-2019)

These highlights were edited, in-game, while also providing replays of important moments from the game.

The Crimson Summer Book Trailer (2016)

A trailer I shot, edited, and scored for the release of my first published book, "The Crimson Summer."

Wolf In A Gorilla Suit (2015)

In 2015 I made multiple videos for the pop culture website, "Wolf in a Gorilla Suit" which received thousands of views on Youtube.

The Wakeup Call (2013)

This was my senior project where we were tasked with making a three minute movie with a beginning, middle and end. Much easier than it sounds and this is actually the extended version since I shot way too much. It stars one of my good friends and was actually done without much natural sound. A lot of it was recorded "El Mariachi" style, after the fact. And I actually take over the role near the end in an effort to have the ending make more sense than it originally did since Jason wasn't available for reshoots. 

What Now? (2013)

Another class project and in this one we were tasked with choosing five lines of dialogue from a list of about fifty things, and then try and make a 90 second short out of it. That's why this is really cerebral and doesn't make a lot of sense. I had originally planned on going back to it without the project restrictions and see if I could make it into a more cohesive piece but other projects came up and I never went back to it. I still love the way it looks.

Shocking Announcement (2013)

I had a beard for a while and was ready to get rid of it so I wanted to do it in a creative way and always had this idea in the back of my head. Originally it was much more elaborate and done in skit form with my girlfriend at the time. It didn't end up working out due to the complications with acting, stopping to shave, then setting up the next shot and repeating it over with someone who wasn't an actress nor I an actor. This ended up being the easiest solution. I still can't believe how some of those transitions turned out. It was simply setting up the camera, not moving it, and shaving as quickly as possible so as to not waste battery life.

Tenacious D - "Break-In City" (2012)

Yet another project from my Junior Year where we were tasked with creating a music video that told a story through its lyrics. I actually ended up getting the most kudos from my professor for it and I like the story that unfolded. It was definitely another one of those "Stand over here and do this" while the movie was in my head. It was a lot of fun being able to work with my two best friends from college on this and they were great sports about it. Oh yeah, and think things seem tight in some shots? That's because I was using a telephoto lens to shoot it because I hadn't received my standard lens yet. It made it difficult to shoot but I don't think it's noticeable in the final product.

Bill The Ordinary (2011)

You probably guessed it, another class project. This was my first foray into the production part of my major at Ball State. They made us use the crappiest camera's they had to see what we could do with it. I didn't fully understand what it took to get a pretty shot (a proverbial crapload of lighting), so there's some graininess as I'm not even sure if I used proper lighting outside of the interview section. I also tried to to do some weird color correction to try and help out the look, but it was too low quality for anything too severe.

The Dahlia List (2010)

My step-mom got a DSLR and I discovered you could make really cool looking videos with them due to the focal length -- something I never understood was a major appeal for me. It was really fun to mess with but I also discovered with focal length comes great responsibility. The shots are blurred and have issues throughout but that Social Network soundtrack just fits so well. This is the version where I fell in love with the blue filter so it looks a tad off but its seems to add to the project.

Sincerely Yours (2010)

Yes, the short film that made several of my parents' friends ask if I was suicidal. I'm not joking. Unfortunately they don't understand what it's like to try and make a short film with a one man crew inside your parent's house. There's not exactly a lot you can do. This was just a simple concept. I like how it turned out considering it was filmed with a DV camera. This is also back before I understood that it wasn't a good idea to use the on-board mic from the camera for sound. I tried to take out the fuzziness but it didn't exactly work.

Kung Fu Hamlet (2008)

This was my second class project (the first I don't have online anywhere unfortunately and my parents have the only copy) and I like how it turned out considering how limited my knowledge of film was at the time. There was no script, no anything. I knew the story of Hamlet well enough and we had props so it was mostly "Hey, go stand over there and do this." I still can't believe the stupid stuff we pulled off. Also, that pool was freezing.

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