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Seeing as how this blog still manages a decent number of viewers per month, I figure I should actually advertise a bit of what I've been doing. Because, while I've been very neglectful to this website (and social media in general) I've still been very busy with good ole Youtube. For those unaware, I am a video editor for Joblo.com. While my released work falls under the horror wing, I actually have shows that are coming together on the main channel as well (if you like comic book movies, you'll be very happy). This is a pretty big deal because Joblo's total channel views are in the billion range. So it's a platform that really helps put eyeballs on my content. Which is awesome. And I figure I should turn a few more onto the product with this post. So let's get into the series that I make.

The Horror Movie That Almost Was

This is the first series I ever did with Joblo and it is easily my most demanding. I research, narrate, and edit these videos that are all about horror movies that never quite made it to production. The series has been going on for over a year at this point and is one of the most successful on the channel. I've included my two favorites.

Real Slashers

As of now, it's my favorite series and I also write, edit, and narrate it. If Youtube decides to neuter it, that could change, but as of now this is the most proud I've ever been of a video series. I think that it's just unabashed love for Slasher movies and I love being able to put a spotlight on some of my favorites. As you may notice, you have to sign in to watch them. You also can't watch them from my site and have to click through to Youtube. That's because Youtube sucks and Age Gated the show. Oh well. We're still working out what to do with that.

Playing With Fear

This is a series that I only do the video editing for, so I can only take so much credit. My writer, Andrew Hatfield, does a helluva job with his research. Despite the fact that I'm only the editor, I spend nearly the same amount of time on these videos as the other series, because I still want it to pop as much as the others. Takes a little more effort since I have no input until the editing actually is happening.

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