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Keepin it Positive

Insomnia Theatre

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Random Thoughts for September 2016

"The Crimson Summer" Q&A (SPOILERS)

"The Crimson Summer" Q&A (spoiler-free)

Random Thoughts for July 2016

Childhood All Summed Up

Worried about violence? No problem.

A Word On The Crimson Summer

The Crimson Summer - AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Random Thoughts for June 2016

Why The "Last Man on Earth" Concept Always Seems To Fail

What Happened To Etiquette?

What Ever Happened To The Amazing Spider-man?

PC Society

Super Angry Dude VERSUS Angsty Bat Guy

Random Memories of Crystal Lake

"Captain America: Civil War"

The Prince of Passion

Vested Interest in Fighting

Random Thoughts for April 2016

Crimson Woes