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Random Thoughts for September 2017

I'm doing 31 Days of Halloween again! In order to make it as little extra work as possible, I have about 40 movies picked out and have their own blogger page, with picture, already set up. So that should cut down on day-to-day work and prevent marathon fatigue (which is definitely a real thing). I have a ton of first-time movies picked out so it should be a lot of fun. Hell, I think there are at least ten from 2017 alone (with two being released in October). I missed doing this last year so figured, despite how hectic my life is, that I'd like to do it regardless.

Fantasy football is in full effect and I'm 3-0. I feel like I shouldn't even be putting this in writing since that'll inevitably just jinx me but fuck it. Gotta do what I gotta do. I have a damn good team this year and therefore able to talk a bunch of shit to my cohorts and it's been a blast. Though I must admit, this is the second year without The League airing alongside and its just not quite as fun. That show always helped inspire for the season but instead we're just left with re-runs (and even those are off of Netflix now...bastards).

I've been operating camera for UNC Bear Athletics. So far I've just shot Football and Volleyball games but others should be in my future once the winter sports start. It's been a lot of fun to get back into the game and do something that actually uses my degree. Makes me feel accomplished in a time where it's not easy to find that while pursuing creative endeavors. It's also made me somewhat invested in the UNC Bear athletic teams which is a nice payoff. Well... besides the actual money.

I'll be bringing back Insomnia Theatre this winter. I'm not entirely sure what format it will run under but I know it'll be back. Could just be as a once-a-year special or it could be something bigger. I don't know. What I do know is that it'll likely just be myself this time around, with potential guests, but no set co-host anymore. I have a lot of fond memories doing it with Dom but unfortunately the quality was just never able to be what I would have liked (the literal sound quality) and our schedules just never synced up well. I hope he'll make a guest appearance eventually. Until then, rewatch some of the old ones while you can because they may be placed under a new section (to differentiate between the production quality).

I have some struggles with the Crimson Summer sequel. The writing is going great and I really like how the story is turning out, it's just taken a lot longer than I've expected to get it done. I'm still being hush-hush on the release date because I'm hoping to meet my original date so don't get your hopes up about that being announced. It'll likely just be dropped out of nowhere. Either way, the sequel will be available this Fall/Winter.

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