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Hello there.

I'm Tyler and this is my website.

I'm from Michigan but I live in Colorado.

I write books and obsess over all things horror related.

I watch more movies than should be possible but somehow, I manage it.

I wish I knew more about music.

I'll be that 60-year-old dude who plays video games.

I graduated from Ball State University (yes it's a real college) and still don't know what I did with my degree.

I've lived in four different states.

One day I will follow Jack White around for an entire tour.

I worked on Top Chef and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 therefore I only work on crappy appliance related movies/television.

I will work on a horror movie, no matter the position.

If this doesn't give you an idea of who I am then there's a Netflix series called "Making a Murderer" that should cover it.


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