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31 Days of Halloween - Video Edition

I'm sure you've been wondering where the hell my "31 Days of Halloween" has been this year... well here we go!

I've actually been producing videos for my Youtube channel in the same way that I used to in writing form. It's been a lot of fun (and a whole lot of work) but in the end I believe it's been well worth it in terms of exposing me to new films and helping hone my editing. Unlike other years, nearly every movie featured is a first time watch for me. That's added an extra element in difficulty but has been so much fun discovering new films.

I'll come back at the end of the month to update this list but otherwise, just check out the playlist below which will be updated daily. Thanks!

Day 1: "The Meg" - https://youtu.be/lr-Kz24mBCA Day 2: "Hereditary" - https://youtu.be/fHhmwlLCK-w Day 3: "Tourist Trap" - https://youtu.be/OLKQfmTgA_M Day 4: "Raw" - https://youtu.be/UdoKOoKApOY Day 5: "Mayhem" - https://youtu.be/wAZb3n7NFwQ Day 6: "The Gate" - https://youtu.be/xPx91fBMhxI Day 7: "Train to Busan" - https://youtu.be/mX8ceNH0VVU Day 8: "Truth or Dare" - https://youtu.be/A_YeY2kFQ7w Day 9: "Society" - https://youtu.be/Y27TlD35G8I Day 10: "Cannibal Holocaust" - https://youtu.be/GYBuPukvnCQ Day 11: "Deathgasm" - https://youtu.be/CK__e4cHYxQ Day 12: "Revenge" - https://youtu.be/-L9cr_UMjkw Day 13: "Apostle" - https://youtu.be/JGVASe6OQM8 Day 14: "Even Lambs Have Teeth" - https://youtu.be/ZCq_OuTgy6M Day 15: "Black Sunday" - https://youtu.be/cRYrxPEOcSM Day 16: "The Evil Within" - https://youtu.be/g7I90C_emdw Day 17: "Magic" - https://youtu.be/BjwOmJNL-UE Day 18: "Murder Party" - https://youtu.be/6lt53m3W06U Day 19: "Halloween (2018)" - https://youtu.be/pCLIE__5q2Q Day 20: "The Void" - https://youtu.be/YOwWw1lPlfw Day 21: "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" - https://youtu.be/XJkOG3JxXR0 Day 22: "The Devil's Candy" - https://youtu.be/04JzXnbGSl4 Day 23: "Beyond the Gates" - https://youtu.be/UTDNH8KKKNs Day 24: "Demons" - https://youtu.be/zRM9eVB3EnU Day 25: "The Ritual" - https://youtu.be/MvUki94lfqk Day 26: "Malevolent" - https://youtu.be/dGQ0SqERw_w Day 27: "Humanoids from the Deep" - https://youtu.be/m5nxsXvp6dI Day 28: "Slice" - https://youtu.be/Qpl1V1bWQ8o Day 29: "Summer of '84" - https://youtu.be/0IUmicYCH28 Day 30: "Terrifier" - https://youtu.be/xbD6dQSvdgM
Day 31: "Pieces" - https://youtu.be/gp8wxPv73Cw

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