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Hello friends!

This is where you'll find my currently-in-development book "Crimson Summer."  I'm posting the first half online in an effort to engage with my audience and see what works and what doesn't, so that when I have the finished book, it can be the best it possibly can be.  I'll be releasing chapters throughout the winter (how often depends on the amount of interest) and really hope for all the feedback possible (positive and negative). There's bound to be some spelling/grammatical errors and I'm doing my best to constantly fix them. So please, let me know what you think and above all else... enjoy.

First of all, thank you so much for participating in the alpha read of "Crimson Summer." Your input was invaluable to me and each and everyone of you made the final product better. I am currently planning on releasing the book this Spring! That means you'll be able to finish the story and find out what happened to the campers and counselors of Camp Watanka. A lot has changed since the days when these pages were first posted so it can be quite fun to see the differences. With that in mind, I'll be keeping these chapters up, and while they may be very different from their final form, I wanted them to still be available in case anyone wanted to look back at them.

Thanks again,

Chapter One - "Chase"

Chapter Two - "Liz"

Chapter Three - "Carol"

Chapter Four - "Marion"

Chapter Five - "Donny"

Chapter Six - "Al"

Chapter Seven - "Chase"

Chapter Eight - "Sally"

Chapter Nine - "Louie"

Chapter Ten - "Ralph"

Chapter Eleven - "Keith"

Chapter Twelve - "Marion"

Chapter Thirteen - "Liz"

Chapter Fourteen - "Chase"

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