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Super Crazy High Heart

So today I decided to watch movies all day (much like any day). I feel the need to talk about them because they were both pretty good plus I need to wait 27 more minutes so I can finish watching one of the them on megavideo.

First off, Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges is a very good film that very much reminds be of The Wrestler in it's style. Sure, Aronofsky's film was a masterpiece so that doesn't quite compare to that but it was still very good with a wonderful performance by Bridges which should win him an Academy Award.

Also decided to watch the film Super High Me after several friends told me I should. So I finally sat down and watched it (most of it) and like it quite a bit. I think every lawmaker in the US should see this movie so they can not be so blind to the laws restricting recreational marijuana use. Bunch of idiots.

Maybe I should go do my Play project for theater...maybe...

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