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Under Great White Northern Lights

It's 1:34 am as I write this sentence. The White Stripes newest CD "Under Great White Northern Lights" came out 1 hour and 34 minutes ago and as of this moment I am halfway through it. Being the huge White Stripes fan that I am (they are my favorite band after all) I can say that it is every bit as good as I had anticipated. The energy put out by Jack can be felt immediately and it doesn't let up. I keep finding myself mouthing the words and bobbing my head during pretty much every song, which isn't odd for me when I listen to WS, however it is odd being that it's the first time I'm experiencing the CD and usually I like to take it in. Not this time though. It's too damn good.

All of their classic songs are here and Jack puts his unique style on each one, making it different from any other recording available for them. His improv is great to listen to and makes it the overall experience that much better. Every song has so much raw passion that it's hard to not be completely absorbed when listening.

I purchased this on iTunes so I haven't had the joy of seeing the dvd yet but I can only imagine how good it is. I'm hoping to make the leap at some point and pick it up on Blu Ray. I'd highly recommend it to any WS fan or just fan of music in general. This finds itself next to "Nirvana Live at Reading" as one of my favorite Live CD's of all time. Now I just hope this alludes to a WS CD with new material and a tour. Then I'll be an even happier camper!

Also, I finished the CD while writing this review.

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