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As a followup to my previous post, I thought I'd look at the reasons why I have such trouble finishing shows. Now, this problem carries over into both movies, tv, and well...pretty much everything but I'm just going to focus on TV.

If you'll notice, a majority of the shows I had listed previously are dramas. This tends to make it rather hard to just breeze through a couple episodes in one sitting. They pack an emotional punch, and deal with real world problems. This makes them a lot harder to watch than a comedy like Arrested Development where it's non-stop wit and hilarity. Shows like that may affect your mood, but in a positive way. They'll leave you laughing and smiling (mostly) but not so when it comes to dramas.

Another factor is time. Each of these shows is 42-55 minutes in length. That's quite a difference compared to the usual 22 minutes that a standard comedy will run. So, 2 hours will go by and I'm only through 3 episodes. That lack of progress can be disheartening and make it harder to continue. Comedies on the other hand, that's almost an entire disc of episodes done. Being human, I like progress. I feel good about completion. So it's obvious as to why one would be more appealing than the other.

Being that I'm a big multi-tasker and like to play video games/surf the internet when I watch TV, it's harder to do that while watching a drama. There's a lot to be invested in a new show in general, and even moreso with these complex dramas. So putting on a previously seen 20 minute comedy is the easy route and one I often take.

I would say my ways are gonna change but I doubt it. Of the TV shows I own, I would say the ratio of watching between comedies and dramas is 10:1. They're just easier. I hardly go back to watching a dramatic television show a second time through because it really is such an investment. And there I go using that word again. Clearly I'm losing my mind and can't come up with new words so that's where I'll leave this entry.

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