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I thought that it would be a good idea to let you know that I am writing for a different website and so that means that not everything I write will be posted here. Fortunately, I still plan to update this blog with separate content. As for where I'll be writing, as you probably could have guessed by the huge picture, I'll be providing content for Wolf In A Gorilla Suit.

Wolf in a Gorilla Suit is a pop culture website devoted to Movies, Games, Television, Comic Books and all things in between. The dedicated writing staff bring unique views on all things pop culture and this is almost where the boring ad ends. The social media feeds provide all the top stories in pop culture for the day and is actually run by yours truly. So if I'm someone you get your movie news from, then this site is a good alternative to that. I've been providing content for the site for a little while now and you can see that here.

Every Wednesday on WIGS, I will be reviewing the latest episode of Arrow. Wait, it's Wednesday right now isn't it? Okay, so check out WIGS tonight after Arrow to see what I thought of it. Maybe it'll inspire you to watch the show if you haven't. Or you can argue about it with me in the comments. I welcome it all. I also wrote a game review for Saints Row 4: Re-Elected that should be up there tomorrow so look out for that.

Otherwise, please check back into WIGS when you can because I know the lot of us are constantly trying to cook up good content.


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