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Random Thoughts for September 2016

I actually really liked Independence Day Resurgence. When I first saw it I kind of dismissed it and only recently upon reflection really enjoyed it. Sure, it's ridiculous beyond all comprehension, but it's still a really good time at the movies. Jeff Goldblum looks to be having a fantastic time, continuing on in his classic role from the original. Really, the only thing that really didn't sit well with me was the exclusion of Will Smith's character in a silly fashion. I'm sure they did it so that they could potentially bring him back for the sequel, but who knows if that's even going to happen now. Let's be clear: it's a terrible movie. I just enjoyed it.

I'm ready for Ronda Rousey to be back. The UFC Women's Bantamweight division has been sorely lacking since her hiatus. Holm, after destroying Tate for five rounds, lost the belt she earned from Rousey due to a rear naked choke she had escaped from earlier. Then "Cupcake" Tate put on a terrible title fight performance (after barely making weight, one minute before the time limit) against Amanda Nunez. Holm lost a fight to who is now the next contender, Valentina Schevchenko. A woman who lost a decision to Nunez that could have easily gone her way. Schevchenko is going to destroy Nunez, thus giving us ANOTHER champion in barely a year. Rousey is an animal. I've watched a lot of elite MMA fighters and Rousey is in a league of her own. She got overly emotional and thought she was invincible. She knows that's not the case now and, in a division that's playing hot potato with the title, it's only a matter of time before the queen returns to her throne.

UFC 202 was incredible and there is no controversy. It's unfortunate because the same type of thing happens with any big fight and I have a hard time being mad at it because without that kind of fight, I would have never been able to get into the sport (Rousey/Holm was my first PPV). There just happen to be several points of contention between those that watch the sport regularly and those that just tune in for big events, looking for knockouts. Conor wasn't running. The greatest ref in the entire game, Big John McCarthy, said he wasn't running. Watch more fighting if you think he was.

I don't like the casting of Zendaya as Mary Jane Watson. Apparently that makes me racist. She's a gorgeous young woman who is absolutely super model quality but she's not MJ. She's not a red-head and she's not Caucasian which, given the character's importance to a lot of people, I think is a slap in the face to fans everywhere. And please don't be fooled, it's racist. Just because it's a white person being changed, doesn't suddenly change the rules. If you want Peter Parker to be dating a black girl (which I'm totally down with) then create a new character for him to date, don't take one of the most popular Gingers in all of comics and take away a hero from children and adults alike.

I always like to pick an "underdog" team to root for every NFL season. Usually my pick is the Oakland Raiders but they don't really need it anymore. They have Derek Carr, Latavius Murray, Amari Cooper and a helluva great offensive line. They don't really need it. So instead I'll be rooting for the St Louis Los Angeles Rams. They've always had a team I liked but it never looked like it was worth investing in. And don't worry, I'll still root for the Patriots over anybody. I'm not losing my mind completely.

CM Punk fights for the first time tonight. And I couldn't be more excited. If you know me, you know that my favorite Professional Wrestler of all time is CM Punk. He is a big reason why I got back into wrestling back in 2009 and am forever grateful for that fact. Will he win tonight? It's anyone's guess but I know who I'll be rooting for and who my money is on. Win, lose, or draw, we're in for one helluva fight.

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