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31 Days of Halloween 2023 (Tik Tok Edition?)


I have done it. After years of resisting I have joined Tik Tok.

Apparently I'm easily convinced because all it took was a bunch of horror creators telling me I should get on it and that there's a vibrant horror community on the app. I was sold. And I've been wanting to get back into my 31 Days of Halloween venture for a while now and this seemed like the best way in order to accomplish that. So join me on my TikTok journey (lol I'm 33) as I hopefully meet some likeminded people. Because I just like talking about nerdy stuff, whatever the platform. 

So join me as I go through 31 horror movies over the month and maybe show off some other horror items that I have. I'm already having really fun with the platform.

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@horrorobsesseddummy Make sure you go check out #TheExorcist for its 50th anniversary screenings! The remaster is absolutely beautiful. #WilliamFriedkin #31DaysofHalloween #Halloweeen #Day2 ♬ The Exorcist: Main Theme: Tubular Bells - Geek Music

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