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SchwarzeNovember #4

4. Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story (part one)

I was originally just going to review the entire book at the end of the month but I feel this is a much better idea for the sole fact that I can focus on one area at a time.  Since the book is very segmented in how it's presented, with certain topics being the main focus while others are merely mentioned, I figured why not?  With that in mind, this first part will concern his early life and bodybuilding days.

Man is this guy inspirational.  Barely had anything growing up and through hard work and discipline he was able to become world renowned in bodybuilding.  His pursuit towards the major titles in the sport came as no surprise after he mechanically goes through his routine and how he improved himself. It was fool proof so of course he was going to win everything.  And he did.  His impressive win streak is one you'd expect from a movie, not someone's actual life.  But that's just Arnold and it's almost expected; it certainly is from him.

And boy does this guy love America.  I mean, just look at this picture:

His desire to become a US citizen while also retaining his Austrian citizenship, a feat few are granted by the government, is impressive.  The main wants to pay respect to his family and his roots but also become part of the country he's always felt he's belonged in.  Not exactly a story I was expecting to be told in the book of an action star but one appreciated nonetheless.

The most impressive part of this section of the book, and trait that carries on throughout, is his dedication to becoming the best bodybuilder in the world.  He didn't make any excuses and did everything he needed to in order to be the best.  He was confident in his abilities and, much to my own surprise, very intelligent.  The man who I once always just saw as "The Terminator" has lived one of the more fascinating lives I've ever read about and that's all before his movie career.

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