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I miss writing more regularly. My life has been filled with a lot of work the past month, so I haven't really gotten to write as often as I'd like. Even the writing that I was doing before that was mostly for Crimson Summer rewrites/revising. As someone who worked for a pop culture website for a year, treating that website, as well as my book, like it was my full-time job, it's been hard not getting that out of my system. Hell, I've been writing movie/television/book reviews since I can remember. Every now and then I like to go back and look at my first website (and my much better horror one). It's something I've been doing forever. I think it's weird not writing about things in the world of entertainment.

So I'm going to start doing a weekly column. I don't think it'll be on anything specific, but I'm sure it'll fall within the realm of what I usually do for the site. The main point of this is to give myself a steady deadline, because if I've learned one thing: I need a deadline. So every Friday, check out the website to see what the latest article happens to be.

First up: "Wrestlemania: A Fan's Journey"

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