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Insomnia Theatre

Anyone that knows me knows I love me some horror movies. My good friend Dom also loves horror movies. So it made sense for us to combine forces and celebrate horror movies in the only way we know how: making fun of them.

Insomnia Theatre is basically just Dom and I providing a commentary for random Public Domain Horror Movies. Why Public Domain? Well we want to make it as easy as possible and PD is the only way we can include both the video and our audio all in one spot (unless we wanted to pay exorbitant licensing fees for legit movies which would never happen). Are we going to provide the level of insight that a cast/crewmember would provide? Of course not, but if you like a friendly conversation over an old horror movie filled with plenty of ball-busting, swearing, and laughs.

Check out the first four episodes below.

NOTE: Episode 3 has a copyright claim from some asshole producers who don't understand that the film is in the US Public Domain. So get it while you can.

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