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EDIT: I swear every time I go back to this post, something gets deleted or moved around. If I didn't have such a history with blogger...

He watched her.

He wondered why she was even there. Sitting right there, at that exact time. Didn't she know? This had to be some kind of mistake.

He watched her.

He had never seen her there before. Sure, there were plenty of others just like her, why else would he be here, but not her. Not now. His bloodlust rose.

He watched her.

He tried to avoid the thoughts, those ones that they had told him to stop thinking. He didn't want to have another incident. Another corner to contain him.

He watched her.

The wind blew her hair up and it got in her eyes. Good. She deserved it. He had been thinking of this all afternoon. All week. All month. His entire life! Didn't she know!? This was his destiny.

He watched her.

He could practically see it now: walking over to her--she wouldn't expect a thing. It was perfect. He'd be on top of her in an instant. She would probably scream and cry but he didn't care. That may even be some of the fun.

He watched h--

Why was he being grabbed? No! This was his time to attack! He couldn't stop the tears from flowing and flowing out of his eyes. Didn't Mom know what this meant. He kicked and screamed, trying anything to break from her grasp. But she held on tight. And he saw his favorite sandbox in the distance, the little girl inside taking notice.

She watched him.

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