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Anatomy of a Top Ten List

This is an idea totally ripped off from the Duplass Brothers' book "Like Brothers" but I liked it so much that I took it. Wait... no, I co-opted it. Yeah, that sounds less devious. Either way, my whole plan was to write out all the movies I think could potentially be in my Top 10 Favorite Films of All Time. And I'd start eliminating until I was left with 10. Let's get started....

NOTE: Any excuse I can to use my huge whiteboard and it's happening. Sure, it probably would have been neater just doing it in regular list form via word but dammit, I wanted something different!

Picture #1

This is the main list. A combination of all the films I could think of that I absolutely adore and could see being on this list, as well as looking at my movie collection and thinking the same. I'm probably missing something but I spent quite a bit of time trying to get everything that deserved a place.

Picture #2

Here I went through and starred everything I KNEW needed to be on that list. So films that I watch all the time were immediately starred, as well as films that make me feel amazing when I watch them.

Picture #3

So here's 13 movies. 13 does not equal 10. So you can see where I had my problem.Wait. There's 14 here. Dammit, I added one because I can't believe I forgot it. "American Movie" belongs on damn near every list imaginable. It is so damn good and falls under the "Can Watch At Anytime No Matter How Good Or Shitty I'm Feeling" umbrella. Which is really where most of these came down to. I eliminated based on rewatchability and films I viewed as perfect.

Picture #4

And here it is. No, it's not in an exact order but I threw them on in whatever order felt right. This is what I ended up with. Honestly, there are a few films that I'm surprised didn't make the cut but given there are only 10 spots, it shouldn't be. Still, I guess I surprise easily.

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