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Random Thoughts for July 2018

Letterboxd may just be the only app I need. It's a movie lover's wet dream in terms of keeping track of your own ratings for various movies. It makes it very easy when trying to decide what to watch, since that usually very mood dependent. If you love movies, go check it out, add me, all that jazz. You should know what my username is. Once they make it so I can just send my mini-reviews to Twitter, that is all my twitter feed will consist of.

What's happening to Chris Hardwick/James Gunn is bullshit. Our Social Justice Warrior society just goes too far, too often. These are two guys that should in no way be losing work because of these allegations/past events. Sure, they're both very different, but both have the common theme of NOT BEING A FIREABLE OFFENSE. These incidents have really taught me the important lesson of: don't apologize just to appease others, apologize when you actually feel regret.

I'm listening to the audiobook versions of Harry Potter. And let me tell you something that may surprise you: they're amazing. Okay, maybe that was obvious but dammit they are. I listen to these at work and they put me in such a good mood, really taking me back. Since I'm only on the third book so far, I'm getting a lot of flashbacks to Elementary School and it has been a trip. Also, how the hell did I forget about Peeves the Poltergeist? He's the best part of the series!

"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" was so fucking good. I had such a passive interest for this film and I had no idea why. I've always loved the series, and they always become a staple for my year whenever they're released. But for some reason, I didn't think this film would follow suit... how wrong I was. It's always hard to say with a recent film but this may just be my favorite film of the franchise. Everything about it is just top notch. In fact, this theatrical experience has guaranteed myself a ticket purchase for another film franchise releasing soon: "Mission Impossible: Fallout."

The library is an untapped resource. I know I've said this before but too few people take advantage of the library and I no longer count myself among them. I have rented so many films I wouldn't have otherwise seen, all because they are available at the local book depository. I'm only putting this to encourage at least one other person to go make a trip.

Life has been crazy and getting in the way of goals. There's a lot of stuff going on that I can't exactly talk about but to say there's some big changes on the horizon would be an understatement. Those changes (let's just say job-related) have gotten in the way of my creative pursuits. To better represent those changes, I figured the site was in need of an upgrade. So here we have it. Hope you enjoy.

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