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31 Days of Halloween 2021

I finally decided to edit this and put what I was originally going to post. The night of Halloween I was just too tired to elaborate. So here it goes:

My Halloween video

I took a rather simple approach to my 31 Days of Halloween this year and it honestly went the best it ever has. I started off doing strictly TV shows but Halloween Kills kind of spurred some more movie watching. I dove into the Leprechaun series for the first time (I had only ever seen the first one). I still have two more left to go there, but I'm sure I'll finish it off shortly, it just didn't make it this month. And I didn't manage to see Last Night in Soho. It's just damn near impossible to get my ass to a theater these days.

My list:

1. Midnight Mass - Proverbs

2. Midnight Mass - Lamentations

3. Midnight Mass - Gospel

4. Midnight Mass - Acts of the Apostles

5. Midnight Mass - Revelation

6. Squid Game - Red Light, Green Light

7. Squid Game - Hell

8. Squid Game - The Man With The Umbrella

9. Squid Game - Stick to the Team

10. Squid Game - A Fair World

11. Squid Game - Gganbu

12. Squid Game - VIPs

13. Squid Game - Front Man

14. Squid Game - One Lucky Day

15. Halloween Kills

16. Jujutsu Kaisen - Curse Womb Must Die

17. Chucky - Death By Misadventure

18. Batman: The Long Halloween (part two)

19. Videodrome 

20. Raising Cain

21. Chucky - Give Me Something Good To Eat

22. Titane

23. Green Knight

24. Leprechaun 2

25. Leprechaun 3

26. Leprechaun 4: In Space

27. Chucky - I Like To Be Hugged

28. Leprechaun in the Hood

29. Squid Game - Red Light, Green Light (again, with parents)

30. Candyman

31. Halloween (annual tradition)


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