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Random Thoughts for December 2015

Still not watching "Scream Queens?" Everyone needs to get on that. I'm not sure how this can go so under the radar yet somehow it does. It's the most entertaining show on TV right now and yet friends roll their eyes when I mention it. Oh well, you'll discover its greatness eventually. The finale is tomorrow so there's still plenty of time to binge that shite.

I've started reading so many books in the last two months. Started is the key words. I really enjoy reading but there's always a part of every book, that my interest wanes. Don't get me wrong, I can get invested in a good book, but my efforts are often focused elsewhere. Could also be due to my own book clogging up that portion of the brain.

Speaking of which, "Crimson Summer" will be released this Spring. I'm still shopping it around but I think I'll be self-publishing in an effort to keep the content in tact. My vision for it has always been a book that my thirteen-year-old self sought after and taking out the violence/controversial aspects wouldn't be that vision. Making it just another YA novel doesn't sound appealing to me and so I'm wanting to stick with the adult content already in place. I can't wait for you to read it.

Sleeping with the TV on is a serious problem. I'm not sure of the actual negative effects on me, but nights of decent sleep are inconsistent. I think that could be more to do with my sedentary lifestyle. I don't really do much as most of my passions involve an electronic screen. I really sound like I should be 200 lbs overweight.

"Creed" was good but not great. It's really weird seeing Oscar buzz around this movie in any way shape or form. I think everyone's affection for the original series is clouding their judgment because as good as the film is, it does nothing to really stand out. While I'm glad that Michael B Jordan is getting the credit he deserves, and the series has always held a special place in my heart, I just don't understand the hype. It's good, not great.

Adele's new CD should be called "Cry." It really seems to be the main point of the album, "25" and it doesn't surprise me how colossal the album has become. She's a superstar and the content is relatable to just about everyone. I've always enjoyed her work but "Hello" is something else entirely. It's refreshing to hear someone's voice combine with the accompanying music so powerfully.

I'm going to do a 12 Days of Christmas thing this month. You'll understand it when you see it as far as the content but think of a shortened version of 31 Days of Halloween. I've been watching a ton of Christmas stuff lately to try and get in the holiday spirit and so I figured I'd spread it around.

I'm so ready for "The Force Awakens." This needs to just be out already. I've been staying away from everything as to avoid knowing too much, but it'll only get worse on the coming weeks. I'm not looking forward to the bombardment of ads. Makes me thankful I don't watch much live TV these days.

"Batman v Superman" looks like rubbish. I'm really surprised they would release the content they have. It's hard not to watch the latest trailer and laugh. The film is everything that the pessimists had all feared. Which is really too bad because I quite like Eisenberg's Luthor. It seems destined to fall in with the Spider-man 3's of the film world. I'll catch it on Bluray.

Wrestling has been terrible as of late. Which is really too bad as Marc and I had plans on going to Mania this year. At this point, I'm not sure either of us has any interest in going. Just goes to show what a subpar product WWE has been putting out. It's easily fixable but management doesn't want to listen. Makes me think my money may be best spent elsewhere. I may end up writing a plea letter, but I'll save that for when they screw up the Royal Rumble.

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