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Social Isolation (Day 4)

Proof that I self-isolated even way back in 2016.
It's getting to be really weird to see people treat self-isolation like this crazy thing that causes cabin fever. People are making silly videos, singing songs, and being creative in ways that never seemed to happen in this way before. So why's it so weird to me? Because this is my life on a regular basis.

I get up, go to work, on my way home will sometimes stop by the grocery store or get gas, then I'm at home for the rest of the day. Self-Isolation is something I go through with my everyday life. So to see so many people participate in it, and then label it as something "weird" just doesn't make sense to me.

It's just weird. Seeing people make videos entirely from their houses, as everyone reacts to it like it's this oddity. That's all I do. Specifically, I've been making youtube videos from my room for the last year and a half. Just my room. I don't like to film outside very much so I don't. I've written so much from home. Now everyone is in the same boat and it's just...does saying "weird" another time cover it?

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I guess I didn't really view my lifestyle as odd before but now, with damn near everyone treating it as such, it's kind of hard not to.

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