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I know people have a lot of time on their hands. I also realize that some people are tightening their budgets and therefore getting rid of streaming services. This means you may not be able to watch that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to binge. But thankfully, there’s a lot of great free content out there, specifically on YouTube.

These are a few popular channels that have brought me a lot of entertainment over the years. I watch all of them (though sometimes I take big breaks and then just binge a ton of their content) so take these as personal recommendations. It's a wide variety, so hopefully there's something here that suits your fancy.

PewDiePie - I never in a million years thought I would be into this channel but it’s my favorite by a long shot. He’s hilarious and insightful. At this point he’s mostly a commentary channel, but I think he really shines with his gameplay videos. His “Minecraft” series was a cultural phenomenon, creating a revenue stream for Minecraft that was struggling prior. I genuinely enjoy Felix's content and watching his daily (minius the weekend now) videos have been a regular part of my routine. 

CineMassacre - The last few years have proven that this channel is much more than just "Angry Video Game Nerd." This is mostly James Rolfe and company talking about pretty much all the movies that I've ever loved pre-2000. They definitely go for more of the Retro side of things, but its still infinitely entertaining.

Good Mythical Morning - Rhett and Link do a lot of fun things in an almost morning show style, where they try weird foods, or put similar foods against each other to see which is the best. The good ones usually have something to do with food and it’s great. They've been best friends since childhood so they have a really fun banter. I've slowed down this year but last year I was watching this every morning after work and it was a great way to spend breakfast. Which I think is what these 10-15 minutes thrive on: fitting in at meals.

Hot Ones - This is technically “First We Feast” but I only really watch Hot Ones; where Sean Evans interviews a celebrity while they both eat increasingly hotter wings. Evans asks really interesting questions and the team clearly does a lot of research for their guests, which is great to see. And the wings just serves as the catalyst for a really engaged interview setting. Just have a look through their roster of celebrity guests and see which pique your interest.


And then here are some lesser known ones that I love. Some don't upload anymore but still have a great backlog. All of these are relatively lower in the viewer department, so you can also feel good about broadening their audience by giving them a click.

Evil Iguana Productions - These guys entertained me endlessly in high school/college. Hell, I was facebook friends with several of them for the longest time. Wait, I just realized that I'm still twitter/Facebook friends with one of the guys. They're a sketch comedy group and got popular doing spoof movie trailers. Unfortunately the channel isn't really active (they tried a few years ago, but it didn't do so well) but I still think the backlog is fantastic. I have a particular love for the Allen and Craig Show.

B-Movie Euphoria - This guy from Michigan talks about a bunch of obscure movies, so of course I'm a fan. He does very low-fi film reviews and is always extremely informative. I've been able to add many B-movies to my watchlist that I'd never even heard of, all because of this channel. He hardly gets any views and that's a damn shame because he's great.

Monkey and Apple - Whenever I watch one of this guys videos, I feel like I'm watching a Bill Murray/Jim Belushi type of talented comedian. This guy just gets it. His comedic timing is on point and he has just a ton of great sketches. He's currently in the midst of a new webseries called (best)friends and I recommend you check it out. Oh, but of course I had to link the video that helped me discover him and that may just be my favorite Youtube video of all time.

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