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Social Isolation (Day 8)

I've had the same outfit on for three days.

I think I have it.

I've never had respiratory problems in my life and suddenly I have them at the same time a massive virus is going around that causes respiratory problems. I mean, I can put two and two together. Still, I'm not freaking out about anything. It's uncomfortable but it's not the end of the world.

For me.

I think the thing that people need to remember is that, yes, this virus is very bad. But it's not very bad for everybody. There are some perfectly healthy individuals who this will affect terribly. There are some unhealthy people who will get this and have a slight cough and fever. This virus is very much a spectrum of symptoms and, every case is different.

I don't believe mine to be a bad one. But I'm still taking it all very seriously.

This morning was one of the worst mornings I've had and it was still manageable. I've been very sedentary and super cautious, which has made this much better. I can't imagine actually going to work or do any sort of activity. I'd be out of breath and dizzy in no time. That's how I know that it's something. Which means I have to quarantine. Even if I'm able to handle it, I could spread it to someone that simply cannot.

So the last few days have been weird. I probably would have been guilted into going back to work at this point by my management. But they know it's a big deal and aren't pushing anything. I think the moment I told them, they knew to prepare to not have me for two weeks. Unfortunately, it's not like that outside of this pandemic. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if they try and force me back even sooner than I'm comfortable with. But I know I'll stand my ground. Because if there's one thing this whole ordeal has taught me it's:

Fuck corporations. People are the only thing that matter.

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