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Social Isolation (Day 6)

Look at that glorious beard circa January. I trimmed it. I regret that decision.

I may have something very interesting to talk about on this blog soon but as of now, it's premature.

Otherwise, my head is cloudy and I don't really know what to discuss. People seem to be going crazier and crazier. Especially the right-wing business-centric folks. It's kind of insane just how bad this all seems to be. And now the repercussions of shutting so much down is starting to be felt and big business is freaking out.

Who cares?

I care more about the people than these dumb corporations that constantly get bailouts. Most people have paid more taxes than Amazon, which is so absurd to me. Even now, the stimulus bill is trying to be passed with a bunch of benefits for billionaires/corporations. Why on earth would they need a bailout? Give it to the people.

Goddamn did I get political with this one. I'm really mad about all of this and I feel like the fact that they're trying to open things up so soon is just ridiculous. Especially with cases getting worse and worse here. Italy has had less cases for the first time, and it's because they've been on a severe lockdown. We haven't been on near that kind of lockdown, yet people are freaking out. This is all so absurd. I feel like a crazy person for seeing all of these people that claim to be morally right doing so many things that are objectively immoral.

Wait, what's that? The CEO of Hobby Lobby's wife said that God spoke to her and that everything would be okay?

Nevermind, guys. False alarm.

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