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Social Isolation (Day 9)

I really hate these boxes.

I'm officially off work for the foreseeable future. I have to wait for the local Covid Response Team to contact me about whatever the next step is, whether that be testing or just quarantine until symptoms dissipate.

The only issue, which I'm sure many others are going through, is if you're decided to not be in a high risk group, and they decide not to test, they treat you as a positive, but no one else does. My work immediately told me that "Well, you need an actual positive test to get paid during this time."

Upfront, I'm not concerned about the money aspect. It's not like I'm making Scrooge-McDuck levels of cash, where the lack of work for a couple weeks will such a hole. Plus, I have a vacation coming up that will cover some of the time away. I just can't believe I work for a company that lacks such humanity. This is the same company that never acknowledged the Pandemic. As of Tuesday it was, what, ten days since it was made official? Not a single word from management.

I think this has been the most disheartening aspect of it all. It tells me I need to leave. I'm miserable there and have been for a long time. Yet 3.2 million people just went on unemployment and I can't exactly be picky about my work. It's unfortunate and a situation I'm sure many people find themselves in.

Either way, I'm glad that this virus has taught me to prioritize certain things in life. Because not everyone does, even after big events like this. Hell, just look at all the people trying to open the economy back up. We are Corporate America. We stopped being for The People a long time ago.

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