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Social Isolation (Day 11)

My Premiere Project file for James Bond.

Well this is the best morning I've had in a while. I can breathe a little better. Throat is a little less sore. Coughing comes a little less frequent. I don't want to get ahead of myself but it definitely seems like I'm going in a positive direction.

I haven't gone this long without making a video in a quite a while. I'm starting to feel the itch. I was hoping to record a bunch of stuff during this self-isolation since there'd be no other big commitments but then this virus had other ideas. I can't even hold a conversation longer than thirty seconds, never mind recording a video where I actually have to have some energy. Just ain't gonna happen.

I've also been starting to have more back issues since I've essentially just been in my bed/at my computer since Tuesday. Sure, I spend a lot of my time like that anyhow, but I also work actively at my job for 4-5 hours and even do yoga sporadically throughout the day. So, while I'm very sedentary, it's never quite to this extent. So I'm really feeling it. Thankfully, with a little more energy, I'm hoping I can actually do some proper stretching.

I've had a lot of ideas of what to do when I'm able to start making videos again, so that's been cool. I had been going through a little bit of a creative lull last fall, but that feels like its all but dissipated. If there's one thing I've discovered about myself over the last several years its that if I'm not being creative, I'm not happy. So I just try and itch that creative bug as much as possible and it pays dividends on the mental health side.

Also, what do you think of the site redesign? I hadn't realized how cumbersome things had gotten. It started to be a pain to even navigate to certain pages. But, after seeing the incredible stats for this site, I figured I should change things up. Seriously, you guys are awesome. I can't believe this site is doing so well. Just look at these numbers:

I can't thank you enough. After running a Youtube channel for 1.5 years that gets about 500-750 views a month (mostly on older videos), this has been really cool to see. I'll probably keep this a little more active in the meantime. Maybe even post the videos over here with a little more in depth description.

I hope that Social Distancing/Quarantine/Social Isolation has been going well for you. We're likely still at the very beginning of all of this, but it seems like people are getting a little more of a grasp on it. We should, hopefully, start to see grocery stores fill up again as non-essential items are pushed back to bring in the good stuff like toilet paper and canned goods. But maybe I'm just being optimistic.

That's a first.

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