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Social Isolation (Day 3)

Wrestlemania 31. Marc and I went and it was a fucking blast.

The vacation I've had planned for 14 months is officially cancelled. Don't worry though, "We'll be back to normal in no time."

So I've been planning on going to Wrestlemania in Tampa Bay since last January and, here I am, almost two weeks out from the event and you'd think I'd be ridiculously excited. Nope, I'm going to be staying home for this one.

It sucks. Like really bad.

My brother, his son, and my mom and her husband were all going to have an AirBNB that was decked to the nines. It was near the festivities, massive and even had a pool.We had multiple days of wrestling and just an overall great time planned. This was four people that absolutely adored wrestling, getting to live and breathe it for three days. Then...

Yeah, everyone knows what's going on. This has disrupted life as we know it. This event is like many others, the only difference being that I was actually going to this one. Does it suck? Of course. But if I take anything from this tragedy occurring around us it's that these events really aren't a big deal. It's our health that matters.

So I'll be spending my next vacation at home when I should have been soaking up the sun in Florida, watching half-naked men and women throw each other around a 12 x 12 structure in absurd, choreographed fashion. And I'll be disappointed. But I'll be comforted with the fact that it was the right thing to do. All of these cancellations are doing what's best for us as a society. So I'll be throwing up the WWE Network and enjoying the event, all the same.

I'll just be in quarantine. Because I'm a responsible adult, dammit.

Or at least, I try to be.

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