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Social Isolation (Day 1)

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Wow, I've been gone from here for a while.

I figured, with all the self-quarantining that's going on, what better time to sit at the computer at just spew some thoughts out.

I'm mainly doing this because I'm sick of all the time I've wasted reading vitriolic Social Media comments. I find myself going down the rabbit hole multiple times a day and its never productive. It just makes me angry and raises my stress levels even higher. And I love writing so I may as well write. Crazy concept, right?

What do I even want to talk about? Well, I figure I'll probably write about different things every day. No structure whatsoever, just a bit of a steam of consciousness in order to maintain my sanity. I need a space away from Fiction, where I can just write without restraint. That's what this will be.

First off, I'm not sick. At least not yet. Being in Colorado, I'm not exactly at a crazy epicenter. It's still in the early days here and I don't know anyone personally that has the virus. Eventually, I'm sure I'll get it and I'm sure it'll be miserable but it's okay, I'll survive. But I'm not making the selfish mistake that many young people are by refusing quaratine protocols and still trying to live their social lives.

Look, I get it.

Not everyone is a homebody. There is a type of person that gets more depressed the more time they spend by themselves/indoors. I am most definitely not one of those people. This is my time to shine. Damn near everything I do involves being at home because many of my hobbies can be done from home: watching movies, playing video games, writing literally anything, editing videos. This is my time to shine. So keep an eye on this space if you want to read some randomness this Quarantine.

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