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31 Days of Horror - Day 30 "Halloween"

Halloween (1978)

As much as I wanted Halloween to be the Day 31 movie, I figured that'd just be too predictable. And hell, it's not like I won't be watching it again on this day (as is tradition) but I wanted to switch this up by not having Halloween be Day 31.

I like to view both taste and personality as a spectrum, where while we have the same range of things we like, we prefer a certain style depending on the time of the year. I say this because I'd be hard pressed to find a film I enjoy in the month of October more than Halloween. During these 31 days, it is my absolute favorite film and one I'm always itching to watch. It's how I always end up watching it at least three or four times.

And just what's so fantastic about it? Everything.

It's hard not to appreciate every aspect, given the low budget, and that they're able to make Southern California look like Illinois in the Fall (not an easy task). And the number of long takes, with full competence all around, is commendable. I can only imagine how difficult this shoot must have been, but I'm grateful for what ended up on screen. We'll go back to ignoring the remake now...

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