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31 Days of Horror - Day 6 "Friday the 13th Part 3"

Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

One day I will see this movie in all its 3D glory in a theater but until that day, I can still appreciate all the absurd 3D effects littered throughout. Just as I didn't understand the 3D crazy five years ago, I really don't get it in the 80's, where the technology was primitive and headache inducing (hmm... still sounds familiar). I can only imagine what it was like trying to film one of these, especially with how cheap the Fridays were.

This is really the first "Friday the 13th" film that captures the same type of atmosphere as the rest of the series. That could be attributed to the first inclusion of the classic hockey mask, but I'd say it nestles itself into the same light more due to the story and how it handles the characters. While I love the first and the second, they're outliers of the series in terms of tone and style. They take a long time to play out, whereas the other films have action beats and more elaborate chase sequences. Not to mention the characters have a less gimmicky kind of humor.

This is honestly my favorite of what some call the "Hillbilly Jason" period (he becomes some kind of weird zombie in 4,6,7,8). I think it's fun and does a good job of continuing the Jason saga without becoming too absurd, which can sometimes happen in the later films. This is going to be the only "Friday the 13th" on here, although I do plan on watching the series this month. I like to write with a movie on in the background so I've been flying through horror films all October so far.

Maybe this 31 Days of Horror won't be as difficult as thought.

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