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31 Days of Horror (Day 11)

31 Days of Horror
11. The Mist

You know a film adaptation is good when Stephen King actually admits to it.  Seriously, it seems like he hates everything of his that gets adapted.  Look at The Shining, he hates it.  What kind of a man can openly hate such a fantastic movie?  Clearly the man lost his mind long ago.  Probably still busy writing character descriptions in It, never returning to reality.  Wow, that was a tirade on King.  And I like the guy.  The point is, this movie is great.  With Darabont's third adaptation of a King short story, this one may be the ballsiest (though, of course, nothing beats Shawshank in terms of quality.)

Am I the only one that wants to strangle the religious lady?  She is everything that's wrong with the world.  When Toby Jones' character shoots her, I may be the happiest little boy on the planet.  And that ending; if you haven't seen it, it's worth it for the final five minutes alone.  Sure, Tom Jane's acting isn't the strongest but it's passable and doesn't detract from the scene.  Here's a fun game to play: watch this movie without 1. thinking once about murdering that religious lady and 2. not dropping your jaw once that ending hits.  Both feats are impossible.

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