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31 Days of Horror (Day 30)

31 Days of Horror
30. An American Werewolf in London

This movie.  If I could pick one horror movie to watch for the rest of my life, this would be it.  Sure, I like others more but as far as re-watchability, this movie is unparalleled.  The characters are some of the best in a horror movie, and the struggles of being a werewolf have never been done this good.  They never take the corny route and play it straight when needed, and go with dark humor when a break is needed.  These moments are intertwined to make for a perfectly balanced film.

That transformation scene though...wow.  That scene is clearly the epitome of practical special effects in the 80's.  Hell the Academy Awards made an entirely new category just because of the transformation scene.  When you're creating new categories for the Oscars, you know you're doing something right.  It's too bad that Landis' career has been so tainted by the events of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Also, how gorgeous is the Nurse?  Hubba-hubba.

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