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31 Days of Horror (Day 16)

31 Days of Horror
16. The Fly

I've only watched this movie twice since I received it as a gift almost 5 years ago.  The sad part about that is that it's not that I dislike it.  I quite like it in fact but it is a David Cronenberg movie therefore it's a very difficult watch.  Something about his movies have an uneasy feel to them, often making rewatches pretty difficult.  And as much as I like the film, I can't say that it's subject matter is one that warrants a lot of revisiting.

But dammit if Jeff Goldblum isn't the man in this.  I'm a self-professed Goldblum fan.  Whether it's his cynical rationalist in Jurassic Park (aka who I'm modeling myself after apparently), or his flamboyant, self-centered dreamer in Life Aquatic, the man just knows how to make a character interesting.  And given this character, it works to this films advantage.  Seth Brundle is not a nice man.  He's an asshole who clearly only cares about his experiment versus the lives of those around him.  Yet you feel for the guy when he starts turning.  Yes, he's despicable and an abomination but there's still a part of you that roots for the guy/fly.  That, ladies and gentleman, is the genius of Mr. Jeff Goldbum.

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