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31 Days of Horror (Day 23)

31 Days of Horror
23. Re-Animator

I hadn't seen this film in way too long.  My copy of the DVD has been busted since after my first viewing so this is the first time I've been able to rewatch this movie in nearly five years.  Thank god for Amazon Instant Video.  I really forgot how crazy this movie is.  Combs plays the role of West so perfect that it's hard to see anyone else pull off both the lunacy and straight love of science.

In all honesty the only part of this movie that I really remembered clearly was the Corporate Bad Guy from The Guyver was just a head, and he was going to go down on a girl.  That's the extent of my recollection.  And wow is that scene just uncomfortable to watch.  Maybe it's just the fact that I was watching headless rape with my roommate, but something was a tad off.  I mean, the scene is unique and actually pretty funny, but I just kept thinking how awkward it would be to film it.  That old man's head is getting frisky with a semi-attractive and more importantly much YOUNGER girl.  It adds a layer of creepiness unmatched by anything typical of horror tropes.

*note to self: Try to avoid writing any screenplays that involve conalingus via decapitated head

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