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31 Days of Horror (Day 2)

31 Days of Horror
2. Fright Night

I, for the life of me, cannot figure out why this movie doesn't garner more praise.  I mean, did you seriously watch this movie?  It's awesome!  Wonderful tracking shots, fantastic dialogue, and a spot-on cast.  Farrell should always be a villain because he plays one perfectly.  You could tell that he fully thought of himself as a badass, and it played on screen.  It just resonates and makes for a much more interesting/terrifying villain.

Sure, David Tennant is no Peter Vincent, but the reinterpretation of the character can't really be viewed so harshly.  Looking at it in the grand scheme of both the film and the time/location, I absolutely understand the creative decisions taken with his character.  And this is coming from someone who considers Roddy McDowall's Peter Vincent to be one of the greatest characters in the history of cinema.

So please, give this movie a shot and appreciate all the care that was placed into making both a cool but refreshing horror movie where you're actually caring about the fates of the characters.  Crazy concept, I know right?

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