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31 Days of Halloween '17 - Day 14 - "Alice, Sweet Alice"

Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

There are few films that are comfortable putting children in such a dark light but this movie doesn't hold back from moment one. I can't imagine this film being made today, especially with how close the setting is to the church so I revel in what this film delivers. It's so much more brutal, and in such unexpected ways, that it felt like a whole new experience.

Alice is such an interesting character. She's both extremely vulnerable while also being deceptively evil. I enjoyed the little twist that comes in about halfway through the film and honestly just expected Alice to be the killer the entire time. So it was a nice surprise, especially given how evil the revealed killer ended up being.

And how fucking cool is that mask? I've always enjoyed the raincoat/trenchcoat look for killers and this is right there at the top of the list. I especially liked how much it was able to provide red herrings by the sole fact that a bunch of kids have that yellow coat.

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