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31 Days of Halloween '17 - Day 7 - "Get Out"

Get Out (2017)

If it hadn't been for the cataclysmic success of IT, this would have easily been the success story of the year for the horror genre. But instead, this just gets to play runner-up.

After not seeing the film until the late Spring, I was worried that this movie would become overhyped for me. I knew that there was no way the extreme positive feedback could have possibly lived up but dammit... it totally did. I loved it. I loved every aspect of this crazy little movie. As I've said before, I love "journey" films where you really feel like you've been on this crazy rollercoaster with the main characters. This is 100% one of those films.

There's already been so many positives thrown out about this movie that I don't feel the need to repeat them, just know that you need to see this movie as soon as possible. Especially in today's political climate. Hey, some reviews are better than others. This is not one of those reviews.

Next Up: The Ring

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