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31 Days of Halloween '17 - Day 23 - "Let The Right One In"

Let The Right One In (2007)

Quite possibly the greatest vampire story ever told, there are so many moving parts to this film that can easily go unnoticed, it's easy to forget that it's a foreign film. The subtitles go so unnoticed because the story is so damn intriguing. I love that winter setting and how much it adds to the moments of bloodshed, with the huge contrast between the arterial red and the arctic white.

My favorite aspect has to be the idea of the vamp's old lover, implied to have met around the same age as our blonde lead, now an old man and still doing what he can for his love. It's a great look at the other side of the story that is rarely ever told in vampire lore. What happens to the human lovers of these vamps? One grows older while the vamps stays the same age. And what happens when they happen to be very young when they get together? It's the type of question that I'd only expect a non-American film to ever have the balls to ask.

Remember the remake, Let Me In? I'm glad that film has been mostly forgotten, while this seems to have persevered. It just goes to show that you need more than just visuals to really connect with the audience.

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