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31 Days of Halloween '17 - Day 28 - "Tales of Halloween"

Tales of Halloween (2015)

Good anthology films can be hard to come by but dammit if this film doesn't do a great job. I had avoided it for so long because it looked like some Trick R Treat rip-off. And while it's sort of still that, it still puts forth an effort both in the writing department, when it could have easily slacked off.

The first segment was pretty by the numbers but featured a nice little twist at the end which I enjoyed. I felt like it was odd placement as I'd say its the weakest of the entire film so could easily turn off any would-be watchers.

The segment with the little Devil kid was absolutely hilarious. What a fun concept for a horror anthology. This was easily my favorite segment, if not for the childish pranks mixed with horrific ones then for the absurd comedy. Adam Green popping up at the end was surprising but, like many of the cameos, didn't really distract from anything.

While I appreciate that they used Night of the Living Dead for the through-line of the movie, it always comes across as "We don't have any money so are just using a Public Domain movie" to me. While this may not have been true and could have been used for creative purposes but it certainly didn't seem that way.

My only real issue with the film is the segment with the kid's killing the random get together of friends. It's simply poorly directed. They didn't do a good job of showing that these people were demented and were torturing some kid, instead it looked like a bunch of staged photos for Halloween. And the fact that none of the supposed torturers showed any signs of being fucked in the head made the twist even more annoying and out of left field. They didn't even show veracity once it was shown they were getting fucked.

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